Linux Fun is still alive

After some months (or rather way too many moons) I finally got around to typing ‘git add’ and ‘git push’ a couple of times. The result is about one hundred new pages and many additions (and typo fixes) in existing content.

The idea is still the same in that Linux Fun is available as a *free* download. Free in the sense that you do not need to pay and you do not need to register (or enter any data of any kind).

LinuxFun.pdf or in html (basically shell and does not change much, most stuff will also work on other Unix systems)
LinuxAdm.pdf (mainly storage, the other chapters are usable but can be improved)
LinuxSrv.pdf (this is not really Linux but apache2, mysql, bind, … and still needs a lot of work)

You can also download one huge LinuxTraining.pdf that contains all three books.

I receive many emails from readers that send me typos or other corrections, this is very much appreciated! I promise to read and fix them all asap!

And I enjoy reading the “thank-you-Paul-for-sharing-this” mails from (mainly poor) countries all around the world.


PS If anyone wants to pay me to write more content, let me know. I also need to buy food and shelter.

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