These books are rebuilt nightly when an update is available:
  1. Linux Fundamentals
    Linux Fundamentals is a complete book that contains fundamental Linux knowledge for developers and system administrators. If you already have access to a Linux command prompt, then you can jump straight to chapter six: working with directories and continue from there to learn about the Linux file tree, the bash shell, basic tools like grep and find, pipes, filters, the vi editor, some basic bash scripting, managing users, passwords and groups, file permissions and file links.

    pdf: LinuxFun.pdf
    html: linuxfun.html

  2. Linux System Administration
    This book is a work in progress, but with rather complete chapters on disk management (including partitions, file systems, mounting, uuid, raid, lvm, iSCSI and Multipath), package management (rpm/yum and deb/dpkg/apt-get), and introductory chapters about the init system, booting with grub or lilo, kernel and module management, libraries, network basics and nic configuration, ssh, scheduling with at and cron, (r)syslog, backup and some performance tools.

    pdf: LinuxAdm.pdf

  3. Linux Servers
    This is a book about Linux servers, starting with LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl/PHP/Python). It continues with common services like DNS and DHCP, and then introduces router and firewall concepts. There is an extensive chapter on Samba 3 (75 pages) and it ends with an introduction to SELinux and ipv6.

    pdf: LinuxSrv.pdf

  4. Linux Fun: All
    Below is a link to an ‘all-in-one’ pdf of the previous three books.

    pdf: LinuxTraining.pdf

  5. There are some studentfiles available here.

    You can find the source code repository on the Linux Training Github Project page.

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