.htaccess, more on .htaccess
.htpasswd, password protected website on Debian, password protected website on CentOS
.my.cnf, ~/.my.cnf
/etc/apache2, apache configuration
/etc/bind/named.conf.local, forward lookup zone example
/etc/group, Linux users
/etc/httpd, apache configuration
/etc/inetd.conf, Samba Web Administration Tool (SWAT)
/etc/init.d/samba, starting and stopping samba
/etc/init.d/smb, starting and stopping samba
/etc/init.d/winbind, winbindd
/etc/nsswitch.conf, adding winbind to nsswitch.conf, getent
/etc/passwd, Linux users, about computer accounts
/etc/resolv.conf, /etc/resolv.conf
/etc/samba/passdb.tdb, tdbsam
/etc/samba/smb.conf, smbd -b, man smb.conf, testparm -s, configure the share, [global] section in smb.conf
/etc/samba/smbpasswd, /etc/samba/smbpasswd, About password backends
/etc/selinux/config, /etc/selinux/config
/etc/squid/squid.conf, installing squid
/etc/sysctl.conf, /etc/sysctl.conf
/etc/xinetd.d/swat, Samba Web Administration Tool (SWAT)
/proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward, /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
/selinux, /selinux
/selinux/enforce, /selinux
/var/log/audit/audit.log, logging
/var/log/squid, /var/log/squid


A (DNS record), A record
AAAA (DNS record), A record
allow hosts (Samba), hosts allow
apache2, running apache on Debian
aptitude, .deb based distributions, .deb based distributions, installing git
aptitude(8), installing mysql
auditd, logging
authoritative (dns), authoritative dns servers
authoritative zone, dns zones
axfr, full or incremental zone transfers


bind, root hints
bind(DNS), example: DNS round robin
browsable (Samba), browsable
browseable (Samba), browsable
browser master, os level


cahing only name server, caching only servers
chain (iptables), iptables tables
char(mysql), creating a table
chcon(1), security context, chcon
chkconfig, logging
chmod, DAC or MAC
CIFS, network bandwidth
CNAME (DNS record), CNAME record
context type(selinux), type (or domain)
create mask (Samba), create mask
create(mysql), creating a database, creating a table, using a before trigger


delete(mysql), deleting records
deny hosts (Samba), hosts deny
describe(mysql), describing a table
dhclient, practice: packet forwarding
dhcp server, /etc/resolv.conf
directory mask (Samba), create mask
directory security mask(samba), security mask
DNAT, dnat (destination nat)
dns, name to ip address resolution, history
dns namespace, hierarchy
dns server, /etc/resolv.conf
dnsdomainname, fully qualified domain name
domain (dns), domains
domain name system, name to ip address resolution, history
dpkg, .deb based distributions
dpkg(1), installing mysql
drop(mysql), deleting a database, removing a table, removing a trigger


filter table (iptables), iptables tables
firewall, router or firewall
force create mode(samba), force create mode
force directory mode(samba), force create mode
force directory security mode(samba), force security mode
force group(samba), forcing this user
force security mode(samba), force security mode
force user(samba), forcing this user
forward lookup query, forward and reverse lookup queries
forwarder (dns), caching only server with forwarder
fqdn, fully qualified domain name
fully qualified domain name, fully qualified domain name


getenforce, getenforce
getent(1), getent
getfattr(1), extended attributes
git, git
glue record (dns), glue A record
grant(mysql), access to a database
group by(mysql), grouping records
guest ok (Samba), smb.conf [share] section


hide unreadable (Samba), hide unreadable
host (DNS record), A record
hostname, fully qualified domain name, NetBIOS names
hosts allow (Samba), hosts allow
hosts deny (Samba), hosts deny
hosts.txt, history
htpasswd(1), password protected website on Debian, password protected website on CentOS
httpd, running apache on CentOS


IBM, brief history
id(1), security context
identity(selinux), identity
idmap gid(samba), Linux uid's
idmap uid(samba), Linux uid's
inetd(8), Samba Web Administration Tool (SWAT)
insert(mysql), creating records
integer(mysql), creating a table
invalid users (Samba), invalid users
iptables, iptables firewall, iptables tables
iptables save, iptables save
iterative query, iterative or recursive query
ixfr, full or incremental zone transfers


mac address, practice: packet forwarding
mangle table (iptables), iptables tables
masquerading, masquerading
master server (DNS), master and slave
MX (DNS record), MX record
mysql, introduction to sql using mysql, mysql client application, the mysql command line client, listing all databases
mysql(group), Linux users
mysql(user), Linux users
mysql-client, installing mysql
mysql-server, installing mysql
mysqld, Linux users


order by(mysql), ordering records


packet filtering, packet filtering, about packet filtering
packet forwarding, packet forwarding
passdb backend (Samba), passdb backend
PAT, pat (port address translation)
Paul Mockapetris, history
php, introduction to sql using mysql
ping, practice: packet forwarding
port forwarding, port forwarding
primary dns server, primary and secondary
primary server (DNS), master and slave
proxy server, usage
ps(1), process security context
PTR (DNS record), PTR record
public key, add your public key to github


read list (Samba), read list
read only (Samba), share section in smb.conf
recursive query, iterative or recursive query
reverse lookup query, forward and reverse lookup queries
roaming profiles(samba), local or roaming profiles
role(selinux), role
root hints, root hints
root server (dns), caching only server without forwarder
root servers (dns), root servers
root(DNS), hierarchy
root(mysql), installing mysql
router, router or firewall
rpm, .rpm based distributions
rpm(1), installing mysql
rpm(8), .rpm based distributions


update(mysql), updating records
use(mysql), using a database


valid users (Samba), valid users
varchar(mysql), creating a table
virtualbox, practice: packet forwarding
vmware, practice: packet forwarding


zone (dns), dns zones, authoritative dns servers
zone transfer (dns), zone transfers