Part III. dns server

Table of Contents

4. introduction to DNS
about dns
name to ip address resolution
forward and reverse lookup queries
dns namespace
root servers
root hints
top level domains
fully qualified domain name
dns zones
dns records
caching only servers
caching only server without forwarder
caching only server with forwarder
iterative or recursive query
authoritative dns servers
primary and secondary
zone transfers
master and slave
SOA record
full or incremental zone transfers
DNS cache
forward lookup zone example
example: caching only DNS server
example: caching only with forwarder
example: primary authoritative server
using your own DNS server
using your own domain
example: a DNS slave server
practice: dns
solution: dns
5. advanced DNS
example: DNS round robin
DNS delegation
example: DNS delegation
example: split-horizon dns
old dns topics
old example: reverse DNS
old DNS load balancing
old DNS notify
old testing IXFR and AXFR
old DDNS integration with DHCP
old reverse is forward
old ipv6
old DNS security: file corruption
old DNS security: zone transfers
old DNS security: zone transfers, ip spoofing
old DNS security: queries
old DNS security: chrooted bind
old DNS security: DNSSEC
old DNS security: root