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Linux Fundamentals System Administration Linux Servers Linux Storage Linux Security Linux Networking gives you books for free to study Linux.

The 3 October 2021 surprise... a new pdf with new content. In 2019 I started writing from scratch on a new Linux FUNdamentals book, it is 700 pages, but it is not finished. More information on the second page (II) of the pdf.

The older books below this line have not been updated since may 2015, several topics are out of date.

Click on the links above for six old html study guides, or below for old pdf versions.

Linux Fundamentals.pdf teaches you the very fundamentals of Linux (or Unix!). This book is for beginners, novices, anyone who wants to become a Linux developer or Linux system administrator. It contains basic knowledge, but advanced users will also benefit from this book.

System Administration.pdf teaches you Linux system administration (not Unix). Anything that is related to Linux system management, is introduced in this book.

Linux Servers.pdf shows how to setup common services like a web server, a name server, a database server, a dhcp server, a file server and more. You should have studied Linux fundamentals and system administration before starting this book.

Linux Storage.pdf explains disk management on Linux in detail and introduces a lot of other storage related technologies.

Linux Security.pdf focuses on all topics related to security such as file permissions, acls, SELinux, users and passwords, and more.

Linux Networking.pdf (soon) will focus on all things related to Linux in a network.