. (directory), . and ..
.. (directory), . and ..
.my.cnf, ~/.my.cnf
/bin/dmesg, dmesg
/dev, /proc/partitions
/dev/hdX, ata (ide) device naming
/dev/ht, IDE tapes
/dev/nst, SCSI tapes
/dev/sdb, uuid in /etc/fstab
/dev/sdX, scsi device naming
/dev/st, SCSI tapes
/etc/filesystems, /proc/filesystems, /etc/filesystems
/etc/fstab, acl in /etc/fstab, checking a file system, /etc/fstab, uuid in /etc/fstab
/etc/group, user owner and group owner, Linux users
/etc/inetd.conf, Samba Web Administration Tool (SWAT)
/etc/init.d/samba, starting and stopping samba
/etc/init.d/smb, starting and stopping samba
/etc/init.d/winbind, winbindd
/etc/lvm/.cache, vgscan
/etc/mtab, displaying mounted file systems
/etc/nsswitch.conf, adding winbind to nsswitch.conf, getent
/etc/passwd, user owner and group owner, Linux users, about computer accounts
/etc/raidtab, create the raid5
/etc/samba/passdb.tdb, tdbsam
/etc/samba/smb.conf, smbd -b, man smb.conf, testparm -s, configure the share, [global] section in smb.conf
/etc/samba/smbpasswd, /etc/samba/smbpasswd, About password backends
/etc/shadow, setgid and setuid on regular files
/etc/xinetd.d/swat, Samba Web Administration Tool (SWAT)
/proc/devices, /proc/partitions
/proc/filesystems, /proc/filesystems, /proc/filesystems
/proc/mdstat, /proc/mdstat
/proc/mounts, displaying mounted file systems
/proc/partitions, /proc/partitions
/proc/scsi/scsi, /proc/scsi/scsi
/tmp, sticky bit on directory
/usr/bin/getfacl, getfacl
/usr/bin/passwd, setgid and setuid on regular files
/usr/bin/setfacl, setfacl
777, setting octal permissions


badblocks(8), erasing a hard disk
block device, block device
browsable (Samba), browsable
browseable (Samba), browsable
browser master, os level
btrfs, and more...
bzip2(1), Compression


cable select, ata
char(mysql), creating a table
character device, block device
chattr(1), dump and restore
chgrp(1), chgrp
chmod, setting octal permissions
chmod +x, umask
chmod(1), setting permissions (chmod)
chown(1), chown
chroot, chroot
CHS, block device
CIFS, network bandwidth
cpio(1), cpio
create mask (Samba), create mask
create(mysql), creating a database, creating a table, using a before trigger
cylinder, platter, head, track, cylinder, sector


dd(1), master boot record, About dd
delete(mysql), deleting records
deny hosts (Samba), hosts deny
describe(mysql), describing a table
device driver, /proc/partitions
devices.txt, /proc/partitions
df -i, inode table
df(1), df, df -h
directory, a directory is a table, about file systems
directory mask (Samba), create mask
directory security mask(samba), security mask
disk platters, platter, head, track, cylinder, sector
dmesg(1), dmesg
dpkg, .deb based distributions
dpkg(1), installing mysql
drop(mysql), deleting a database, removing a table, removing a trigger
du(1), du
dump(1), dump and restore


fat16, vfat
fat32, vfat
fd (partition type), fd partition type
fdisk, ISCSI initiator on ubuntu
fdisk limitations, labeling with parted
fdisk(1), fdisk -l, empty partition table, display the new partition, do we have three disks?
fdisk(8), fdisk
file ownership, user owner and group owner
file system, file systems
find(1), setgid bit on directory, setgid and setuid on regular files, finding hard links
force create mode(samba), force create mode
force directory mode(samba), force create mode
force directory security mode(samba), force security mode
force group(samba), forcing this user
force security mode(samba), force security mode
force user(samba), forcing this user
fsck(1), checking a file system
fuser, fuser


getent(1), getent
getfacl, getfacl
gpt, labeling with parted
grant(mysql), access to a database
group by(mysql), grouping records
guest ok (Samba), smb.conf [share] section
gzip(1), Compression


hard link, creating hard links
hdparm(8), advanced hard disk settings
head (hard disk device), platter, head, track, cylinder, sector
hide unreadable (Samba), hide unreadable
hostname, NetBIOS names
hosts allow (Samba), hosts allow
hosts deny (Samba), hosts deny


IBM, brief history
ide, /proc/partitions
idmap gid(samba), Linux uid's
idmap uid(samba), Linux uid's
inetd(8), Samba Web Administration Tool (SWAT)
initiator(iSCSI), iSCSI terminology
inode, file links, finding hard links
inode table, inode table
insert(mysql), creating records
integer(mysql), creating a table
invalid users (Samba), invalid users
iostat, iostat
iotop, iotop
iSCSI, iSCSI terminology
iscsiadm, ISCSI initiator on ubuntu
iso9660, iso 9660, Create a CDROM image


jbod, jbod
joliet, iso 9660
journaling, ext2 and ext3


net groupmap, Groups in NTFS acls
net rpc join(samba), joining an Active Directory domain
net use(microsoft), verify on windows, test connection with windows, testing access with net use
net view(microsoft), net view, server string
NetBIOS names, NetBIOS names
netcat, a note on netcat
nmbd(8), samba daemons
noacl(mount), noacl
nodev, /proc/filesystems, /etc/filesystems
noexec(mount), noexec
nosuid(mount), nosuid


octal permissions, setting octal permissions
order by(mysql), ordering records
owner, three sets of rwx


RAID, hardware or software
raid 1, raid 1
read list (Samba), read list
read only (Samba), share section in smb.conf
reiserfs, and more...
resize2fs(1), example: extend a logical volume
restore(1), dump and restore
rm(1), removing links
roaming profiles(samba), local or roaming profiles
rock ridge, iso 9660
root(mysql), installing mysql
rotational latency, platter, head, track, cylinder, sector
rpm, .rpm based distributions
rpm(1), installing mysql
rpm(8), .rpm based distributions
rsyslog, lsof


udf, udf
uefi, GUID partition table
umask(1), umask
universally unique identifier, introduction to uuid's
update(mysql), updating records
use(mysql), using a database
uuid, introduction to uuid's


valid users (Samba), valid users
varchar(mysql), creating a table
vfat, vfat
vgchange(1), vgchange
vgcreate(1), example: using lvm, example: extend a logical volume, vgcreate
vgdisplay(1), vgdisplay
vgextend(1), vgextend
vgmerge(1), vgmerge
vgreduce(1), vgreduce
vgremove(1), vgremove
vgs(1), vgs
vgscan(1), vgscan
vmstat, vmstat
vol_id(1), about unique objects