Part VI. Introduction to Samba

Table of Contents

9. introduction to samba
verify installed version
.rpm based distributions
.deb based distributions
installing samba
.rpm based distributions
.deb based distributions
samba howto
samba by example
starting and stopping samba
samba daemons
the SMB protocol
brief history
broadcasting protocol
NetBIOS names
network bandwidth
practice: introduction to samba
10. getting started with samba
smbd -b
the default smb.conf
minimal smb.conf
net view
long lines in smb.conf
curious smb.conf
man smb.conf
syntax check smb.conf
testparm -v
testparm -s
smbclient looking at Samba
smbclient anonymous
smbclient with credentials
server string
Samba Web Administration Tool (SWAT)
practice: getting started with samba
solution: getting started with samba
11. a read only file server
Setting up a directory to share
configure the share
smb.conf [global] section
smb.conf [share] section
restart the server
verify the share
verify with smbclient
verify on windows
a note on netcat
practice: read only file server
solution: read only file server
12. a writable file server
set up a directory to share
share section in smb.conf
configure the share
test connection with windows
test writing with windows
How is this possible ?
practice: writable file server
solution: writable file server
13. samba first user account
creating a samba user
ownership of files
passdb backend
forcing this user
practice: first samba user account
solution: first samba user account
14. samba authentication
creating the users on Linux
creating the users on samba
security = user
configuring the share
testing access with net use
testing access with smbclient
verify ownership
common problems
usernames are (not) case sensitive
practice : samba authentication
solution: samba authentication
15. samba securing shares
security based on user name
valid users
invalid users
read list
write list
security based on ip-address
hosts allow
hosts deny
security through obscurity
hide unreadable
file system security
create mask
force create mode
security mask
force security mode
inherit permissions
practice: securing shares
solution: securing shares
16. samba domain member
changes in smb.conf
security mode
Linux uid's
winbind use default domain
[global] section in smb.conf
realm in /etc/krb5.conf
[share] section in smb.conf
joining an Active Directory domain
adding winbind to nsswitch.conf
starting samba and winbindd
verify the trust
list all users
list all groups
query a user
file ownership
practice : samba domain member
17. samba domain controller
about Domain Controllers
Windows NT4
Windows 200x
Samba 3
Samba 4
About security modes
security = share
security = user
security = domain
security = ads
security = server
About password backends
[global] section in smb.conf
os level
passdb backend
preferred master
domain logons
domain master
[global] section
netlogon share
other [share] sections
Users and Groups
about computer accounts
local or roaming profiles
Groups in NTFS acls
logon scripts
practice: samba domain controller
18. a brief look at samba 4
Samba 4 alpha 6