! (bash history), !n
! (file globbing), [] square brackets
!! (shell), repeating the last command
" (double quotes), double quotes
# (pound sign), # pound sign
#! (shell), she-bang
#!/bin/bash, she-bang
$ (shell variables), $ dollar sign
$() embedded shell, backticks
$? (shell variables), $? dollar question mark
$LANG, $LANG and square brackets
$PATH, which, $PATH
$PS1, absolute and relative paths
&, & ampersand
&&, && double ampersand
'(single quote), backticks or single quotes
(( (shell), (( ))
* (file globbing), * asterisk
-- (shell), prevent setuid root spoofing
., cd ..
. (directory), . and ..
. (shell), sourcing a script
.., cd ..
.. (directory), . and ..
.bashrc, ~/.bash_profile, ~/.profile
.bash_history, $HISTFILE
.bash_login, ~/.bash_login
.bash_logout, ~/.bash_logout
.bash_profile, ~/.bash_profile
.exrc, setting options
.vimrc, setting options
/, absolute and relative paths, the root directory /
/bin, /bin, external or builtin commands ?
/bin/bash, commands and arguments, system profile
/bin/cat, /bin
/bin/csh, commands and arguments
/bin/date, /bin
/bin/ksh, commands and arguments, system profile
/bin/rm, default options
/bin/sh, commands and arguments
/boot, /boot
/boot/grub, /boot
/boot/grub/grub.cfg, /boot
/boot/grub/grub.conf, /boot
/dev, file, /dev
/dev/null, /dev/null, 2> stderr
/dev/pts/1, /dev/tty and /dev/pts
/dev/random, solution: file system tree
/dev/tty1, /dev/tty and /dev/pts
/dev/urandom, practice: file system tree, solution: file system tree
/dev/zero, solution: file system tree
/etc, /etc
/etc/bashrc, ~/.bashrc
/etc/default/useradd, /etc/default/useradd
/etc/fstab, acl in /etc/fstab
/etc/group, group file, user owner and group owner
/etc/gshadow, gpasswd
/etc/hosts, solution: file system tree
/etc/init.d/, /etc/init.d/
/etc/inputrc, system profile
/etc/login.defs, /etc/login.defs
/etc/passwd, grep | cut, /etc/passwd, login shell, editing local files, user owner and group owner
/etc/profile, system profile
/etc/resolv.conf, solution: file system tree
/etc/shadow, shadow file, encryption with crypt, setgid and setuid on regular files
/etc/shells, she-bang, chsh
/etc/skel, /etc/skel/, /etc/skel/
/etc/sudoers, run a program as another user, sudo su -
/etc/sysconfig, /etc/sysconfig/
/etc/sysconfig/firstboot, /etc/sysconfig/
/etc/sysconfig/harddisks, /etc/sysconfig/
/etc/sysconfig/hwconf, /etc/sysconfig/
/etc/sysconfig/keyboard, /etc/sysconfig/
/etc/X11/xorg.conf, /etc/X11/
/export, /srv
/home, /home
/lib, /lib
/lib/kbd/keymaps/, /etc/sysconfig/
/lib/modules, /lib/modules
/lib32, /lib32 and /lib64
/lib64, /lib32 and /lib64
/media, /media
/opt, /opt
/proc, file, /proc conversation with the kernel
/proc/bus, /proc/bus
/proc/bus/pci, /usr/sbin/lspci
/proc/bus/usb/devices, /usr/sbin/lsusb
/proc/cpuinfo, /proc conversation with the kernel
/proc/dma, /proc/dma
/proc/interrupts, /proc/interrupts, /proc/interrupts
/proc/ioports, /proc/ioports
/proc/kcore, /proc/kcore
/proc/sys, /proc conversation with the kernel
/root, /root
/run, /var/...
/sbin, /sbin, external or builtin commands ?
/srv, /srv
/sys, /sys Linux 2.6 hot plugging
/tmp, /tmp, sticky bit on directory
/usr, /usr Unix System Resources
/usr/bin, /usr/bin
/usr/bin/getfacl, getfacl
/usr/bin/passwd, setgid and setuid on regular files
/usr/bin/setfacl, setfacl
/usr/include, /usr/include
/usr/lib, /usr/lib
/usr/local, /usr/local
/usr/share, /usr/share
/usr/share/games, /usr/share
/usr/share/man, /usr/share
/usr/src, /usr/src
/var, /var variable data
/var/cache, /var/cache
/var/lib, /var/lib
/var/lib/rpm, /var/lib
/var/lib/usbutils/usb.ids, /var/lib/usbutils/usb.ids
/var/lock, /var/...
/var/log, /var/log
/var/log/messages, /var/log/messages
/var/log/syslog, /var/log/messages
/var/run, /var/...
/var/spool, /var/spool
/var/tmp, /var/...
1>, 2> stderr
2>, 2> stderr
2>&1, 2>&1
777, setting octal permissions
; (shell), ; semicolon
>, > stdout
>>, >> append
>|, overruling noclobber
? (file globbing), ? question mark
[ (file globbing), [] square brackets
[ (shell), test [ ]
\ (backslash), \ escaping special characters
`(backtick), backticks or single quotes
||, || double vertical bar
~, cd ~


access control list, acl in /etc/fstab
acl, eiciel
acls, acl in /etc/fstab
agp, about buses
AIX, 1980s
alias(bash), create an alias
alias(shell), abbreviate commands
apropos, man -k (apropos)
arguments(shell), white space removal


daemon, man $daemon
date, date
Debian, Debian
Dennis Ritchie, 1969
devfs, /sys Linux 2.6 hot plugging
df -i, inode table
directory, a directory is a table
distribution, distributions
distributions, man hier
dma, about dma
dmesg(1), dmesg, /proc/dma
dumpkeys(1), /etc/sysconfig/


echo, white space removal
echo $-, shell options
echo *, preventing file globbing
echo(1), commands and arguments, echo and quotes
Edubuntu, Other
eiciel, eiciel
ELF, /lib32 and /lib64
elif, if then elif
embedding(shell), shell embedding
env(1), env
environment variable, $ dollar sign
EOF, create files, << here document
escaping (shell), preventing file globbing
eval, eval
executables, binary directories
exit (bash), $HISTFILE
export, export


hard link, creating hard links
head(1), head
here directive, custom end marker
here document, << here document
here string, <<< here string
hidden files, ls -a
HP, 1980s
HP-UX, 1980s, filesystem hierarchy standard


noclobber, noclobber
nounset(shell), unbound variables


octal permissions, setting octal permissions
od(1), od
OEL, Other
open source, Free Software or Open Source Software
open source definition, Free Software or Open Source Software
open source software, about software licenses
openssl, encryption with openssl
Oracle Enterprise Linux, Other
owner, three sets of rwx


tab key(bash), path completion
tac, tac
tail(1), tail
tee(1), tee
test, test [ ]
time, time
touch(1), create an empty file
tr, tr
tr(1), tr
type(shell), type


Ubuntu, Ubuntu
umask(1), umask
unalias(bash), unalias
uniq, who | cut | sort
uniq(1), uniq
Unix, 1969
unset, shell options
unset(shell), unset
until (bash), until loop
updatedb(1), locate
usb, /sys Linux 2.6 hot plugging, about buses
useradd, useradd, deleting home directories, encryption with passwd
useradd -D, /etc/default/useradd
useradd(1), creating home directories
userdel(1), userdel
usermod, disabling a password, usermod
usermod(1), usermod


w, w
wc(1), wc
whatis(1), whatis
whereis(1), whereis
which(1), which
while (bash), while loop
white space(shell), white space removal
who, who | wc, who
who am i, who am i
whoami, whoami
wild cards, [] square brackets


X, /etc/X11/
X Window System, /etc/X11/