$$, $$ and $PPID
$PPID, $$ and $PPID
./configure, compiling software
.deb, package management
.rpm, package management
.ssh, ~/.ssh
/bin/dmesg, dmesg
/bin/login, mingetty and /bin/login
/boot/grub/grub.conf, /boot/grub/grub.conf
/boot/grub/menu.lst, /boot/grub/grub.conf
/dev, /proc/partitions
/dev/hdX, ata (ide) device naming
/dev/ht, IDE tapes
/dev/nst, SCSI tapes
/dev/sdb, uuid in /etc/fstab
/dev/sdX, scsi device naming
/dev/st, SCSI tapes
/etc/apt/sources.list, /etc/apt/sources.list
/etc/at.allow, at.allow and at.deny
/etc/at.deny, at.allow and at.deny
/etc/cron.allow, cron.allow and cron.deny
/etc/cron.d, /etc/cron.*
/etc/cron.deny, cron.allow and cron.deny
/etc/crontab, /etc/cron.*
/etc/default/grub, /etc/default/grub
/etc/exports, server configuration, server configuration
/etc/filesystems, /proc/filesystems, /etc/filesystems
/etc/fstab, checking a file system, /etc/fstab, uuid in /etc/fstab, swap space in /etc/fstab, client configuration, client configuration, About Disk Quotas
/etc/grub.conf, /boot/grub/grub.conf
/etc/grub.d/40_custom, /etc/grub.d/40_custom
/etc/hostname, hostname
/etc/inetd.conf, inetd superdaemon
/etc/init.d/, starting and stopping daemons, chkconfig configuration
/etc/init.d/rc, rc directories
/etc/init.d/rcS, /etc/init.d/rcS
/etc/inittab, configuration in /etc/inittab, rc scripts, mingetty in /etc/inittab
/etc/lvm/.cache, vgscan
/etc/modprobe.conf, /etc/modprobe.conf
/etc/modprobe.d/, /etc/modprobe.conf
/etc/mtab, displaying mounted file systems, /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit
/etc/network/interfaces, /etc/network/interfaces, binding extra ip addresses, bonding on Debian/Ubuntu
/etc/passwd, mingetty and /bin/login
/etc/protocols, many protocols
/etc/raidtab, create the raid5
/etc/rc.d/rc, rc directories
/etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit, /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit
/etc/rcS.d/, /etc/init.d/rcS
/etc/rcX.d/, rc directories
/etc/rsyslog.conf, configuration
/etc/services, many services, xinetd superdaemon
/etc/shutdown.allow, Ctrl-Alt-Del
/etc/ssh, /etc/ssh/
/etc/ssh/sshd_config, ssh protocol versions
/etc/ssh/ssh_config, ssh protocol versions
/etc/sysconfig/iptables, iptables firewall
/etc/sysconfig/network, /etc/sysconfig/network
/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/, /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-
/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-bond0, bonding on Redhat/Fedora
/etc/syslog.conf, about syslog
/etc/xinetd.conf, xinetd superdaemon
/etc/xinetd.d, xinetd superdaemon
/etc/yum.conf, /etc/yum.conf and repositories
/etc/yum.repos.d/, /etc/yum.conf and repositories
/lib, /lib and /usr/lib
/lib/modules, /lib/modules, make modules_install
/lib/modules/<kernel-version>/modules.dep, /lib/modules/<kernel>/modules.dep
/proc/cmdline, kernel, /proc/cmdline
/proc/devices, /proc/partitions
/proc/filesystems, /proc/filesystems, /proc/filesystems
/proc/mdstat, /proc/mdstat
/proc/meminfo, memory management, /proc/meminfo
/proc/modules, /proc/modules
/proc/mounts, displaying mounted file systems
/proc/net/bonding, bonding on Redhat/Fedora, bonding on Debian/Ubuntu
/proc/partitions, /proc/partitions
/proc/scsi/scsi, /proc/scsi/scsi
/proc/swaps, about swap space
/sbin, ifconfig
/sbin/init, configuration in /etc/inittab
/sbin/mingetty, mingetty and /bin/login
/sbin/telinit, changing the runlevel
/usr/lib, /lib and /usr/lib
/usr/share/doc, /etc/sysconfig/network
/usr/src, /usr/src
/var/lib/nfs/etab, exportfs, server configuration
/var/lib/rpm, /var/lib/rpm
/var/log/auth.log, su and ssh logins
/var/log/btmp, login logging, /var/log/btmp (lastb)
/var/log/lastlog, login logging
/var/log/messages, /var/log/messages, hello.ko
/var/log/sa, sadc and sar
/var/log/secure, su and ssh logins
/var/log/wtmp, /var/log/wtmp, login logging
/var/run/utmp, login logging
~/.ssh/authorized_keys, authorized_keys


access time, platter, head, track, cylinder, sector
active partition, chainloading
Alica and Bob, public and private keys
anycast, anycast
apt-get(8), .deb packages, apt-get
aptitude, dpkg -S and debsums
aptitude(1), Debian
aptitude(8), .deb packages, aptitude
arp table, arp
arp(1), arp
at(1), scheduling, at
ata, ide or scsi
atapi, ata
atm, wan
atq(1), atq
atrm(1), atrm


badblocks(8), erasing a hard disk
bg(1), bg
Bill Callkins, openboot
binding, binding extra ip addresses
binding(ip), binding and bonding
BIOS, bios
block device, block device
bonding(ip), binding and bonding
boot(grub), boot
bootloader, bootloader
bootp, dhcp client, other filter examples
broadcast, broadcast
BSD, boot terminology
btrfs, and more...
bum(8), bum
bzImage, kernel
bzip2, kernel
bzip2(1), Compression


cable select, ata
Canonical, init and runlevels
chainloader, chainloading
chainloading, chainloading
character device, block device
chattr(1), dump and restore
chkconfig, starting and stopping daemons
chkconfig(8), chkconfig
chroot, chroot
CHS, block device
Cisco, wan
cpio(1), rpm2cpio, cpio
cron(8), scheduling
crontab(1), crontab file
crontab(5), crontab file
Ctrl-Alt-Delete, Ctrl-Alt-Del, UPS and loss of power
Ctrl-Z, control-Z
cylinder, platter, head, track, cylinder, sector


fallback(grub), fallback
fat16, vfat
fat32, vfat
fd (partition type), fd partition type
fddi, wan
fdisk, ISCSI initiator on ubuntu
fdisk limitations, labeling with parted
fdisk(1), fdisk -l, empty partition table, display the new partition, do we have three disks?
fdisk(8), fdisk
fg(1), fg
file system, file systems
fixed ip, fixed ip
fixed ip address, fixed ip
fork, fork and exec
FQDN, hostname
frame relay, wan
free, resource monitoring, free
free(1), memory management, free
fsck(1), checking a file system
ftp, the superdaemon,
fuser, fuser


halt(8), halt, reboot and poweroff
hdparm(8), advanced hard disk settings
head (hard disk device), platter, head, track, cylinder, sector
hiddenmenu(grub), hiddenmenu
hostname, hostname
hostname(1), hostname,


jbod, jbod
jobs, jobs
joliet, iso 9660
journaling, ext2 and ext3


netstat(1), route
network file system, introduction to nfs
nfs, introduction to nfs, nfs protocol versions
NFS, protocol versions
nice, nice
nice(1), introduction
noacl(mount), noacl
nodev, /proc/filesystems, /etc/filesystems
noexec(mount), noexec
nosuid(mount), nosuid
no_subtree_check(nfs), /etc/exports
ntop(1), ntop


od(1), bootloader
OpenBoot(Sun), openboot
OpenBSD, secure shell
openssh, secure shell
openssh-server, sshd
OS/2, chainloading


package management, package management
paging, memory management
PAN, pan-wpan
Parallel ATA, ata
parity(raid), raid 5
parted, labeling with parted, partitioning with parted
parted(1), partitioning new disks
partition, primary, extended and logical
partition table, master boot record, logical drives
partprobe(1), partprobe
password(grub), password
pgrep(1), pgrep
pidof(1), pidof
ping, many protocols, ping
pipes, pipes (mkfifo)
pkill(1), pkill
portmap, rpcinfo, protocol versions
POST, post
Power On Self Test, post
poweroff(8), halt, reboot and poweroff
primary partition, primary, extended and logical, master boot record, chainloading
private key, public and private keys
process, process
process id, PID
ps, ps, resource monitoring
ps -ef, ps
ps fax, ps
public key, public and private keys
pvchange(1), pvchange
pvcreate(1), example: using lvm, example: extend a logical volume, pvcreate
pvdisplay(1), example: extend a logical volume, pvdisplay
pvmove(1), pvmove
pvremove(1), pvremove
pvresize(1), pvresize
pvs(1), pvs
pvscan(1), pvscan


quota's, About Disk Quotas
quota(1), About Disk Quotas, About Disk Quotas
quota.user, About Disk Quotas
quotacheck(1), About Disk Quotas
quotaoff(1), About Disk Quotas
quotaon(1), About Disk Quotas


RAID, hardware or software
raid 1, raid 1
reboot(8), halt, reboot and poweroff
reiserfs, and more...
Remote Desktop, About VNC
renice, renice
renice(1), introduction
repository, package management, repository
repquota(1), About Disk Quotas
resize2fs(1), example: extend a logical volume
respawn(init), mingetty in /etc/inittab, respawning mingetty
restore(1), dump and restore
rfc 3010, nfs protocol versions
rfc 3530, nfs protocol versions
rlogin, secure shell
rmmod(1), rmmod
rock ridge, iso 9660
root servers(DNS), anycast
root(grub), root
rootsquash, server configuration, server configuration
rotational latency, platter, head, track, cylinder, sector
route(1), route
router, wan
rpc, rpcinfo
RPC, protocol versions
rpcinfo(1), rpcinfo, protocol versions
rpm, about rpm
rpm -qf, rpm -qf and rpm -V
rpm -V, rpm -qf and rpm -V
rpm(8), .rpm packages
rpm2cpio(8), rpm2cpio
rsa, rsa and dsa algorithms
rsh, secure shell
rsyslog, lsof
runlevel, initdefault
runlevel(1), display the runlevel


sa2(1), sadc and sar
sadc(1), sadc and sar
sal, sadc and sar
sar(1), sadc and sar
sata, ata
savedefault(grub), savedefault
scp(1), copy the public key to the other computer
scsi, ide or scsi
scsi id, scsi
sector, platter, head, track, cylinder, sector
seek time, platter, head, track, cylinder, sector
service(1), starting and stopping daemons, iptables firewall
setuid, nosuid
sfdisk(1), logical drives
shutdown(8), /sbin/shutdown
SIGHUP, kill -1 (SIGHUP)
SIGKILL, /sbin/shutdown
SIGTERM, killall, /sbin/shutdown
silo, bootloader
single user mode, single user mode
slave (hard disk device), ata
SMF, init and runlevels
Solaris, boot terminology
solid state drive, solid state drive
SPARC, openboot
split(1), split
ssd, solid state drive
ssh, /etc/ssh/
ssh -X, X forwarding via ssh
ssh-keygen, id_rsa and
ssh-keygen(1), ssh-keygen
sshd, sshd
ssh_host_dsa_key, sshd keys, sshd keys
ssh_host_rsa_key, sshd keys, sshd keys
stanza(grub), stanza commands
strace, tracing with strace
striped disk, raid 0
su, ldd
subtree_check(nfs), /etc/exports
Sun, boot terminology, init and runlevels
swap partition, swap
swap partition(s), monitoring memory with vmstat
swap space, about swap space
swapoff(1), creating a swap partition
swapon(1), creating a swap partition
swapping, memory management
swat, the superdaemon
sysctl(1), hostname
syslog, /var/log/messages
syslogd, about syslog, about rsyslog
System V, init and runlevels
system-config-securitylevel, iptables firewall,


vanilla, open source
vfat, vfat
vgchange(1), vgchange
vgcreate(1), example: using lvm, example: extend a logical volume, vgcreate
vgdisplay(1), vgdisplay
vgextend(1), vgextend
vgmerge(1), vgmerge
vgreduce(1), vgreduce
vgremove(1), vgremove
vgs(1), vgs
vgscan(1), vgscan
vi, tracing with strace
virtual memory, memory management
vmlinuz, vmlinuz
vmstat, vmstat, monitoring memory with vmstat
vmstat(1), vmstat
vnc, About VNC
vncviewer(1), VNC Client
vol_id(1), about unique objects


z/IPL, bootloader
zfs, and more...
zImage, kernel
zombie, zombie